Frequently Asked Questions

If you have further questions please feel free to give us a call or stop by.

Q - Is your school only licensed in Bucks County and can I only get jobs in Bucks?

A – No.  After graduation you can work anywhere in the country–and anywhere in the world!

Q - How old do you need to be a bartender?

A – You must be 18 in the state of PA to legally tend bar.  To attend the class you can be younger than 18 with a parent signature.

Q - Do you have to get accepted into a bartending school?

A – No!  Some schools attempt to make you think this.  They think you’re stupid–we know you’re not!

Q - Honestly, how much do bartenders earn in tips?

A – On average new bartenders usually make between $20 & $30 an hour in tips.  Bartenders with more experience tend to make $40 to as much as $75 an hour or more in tips!

Q - A friend said I should just buy a recipe book--why should I go to bartending school?

A – The recipes in store bought books can oftentimes be wrong and their measurements may not be conducive for a bar. You need to learn the proper mechanics for making drinks, and you need to practice for many hours before you go behind a real bar in front of customers to avoid mistakes and embarrassment.

Q - Once I graduate, do you help with finding a job?

A – Yes. Our school provides Lifetime Job Placement Assistance for all graduating students. Our director works closely with hundreds of restaurants, hotels, bars and nightclubs–giving you many job opportunities. And since we are bar owners, our school has an excellent reputation in the industry.

Q - I have a full-time career, can I find a bartending job and just work one or two nights a week?

A – Although you can work full-time hours and even receive benefits at some places, many bartenders only work on weekends to supplement their income.

Q - What makes your school unique?

A – When you take classes at our school, you are not only learning from experienced bartenders, but you’re learning from bar owners, managers and school teachers. It doesn’t get any better than that!

Q - What is "Guest Bartending" or "Celebrity Bartending"?

A – Guest bartending is a great opportunity for a new bartender to gain some experience and also start making money. We have plenty bars that hire our students to work behind their bar for one night–as long as they promote and bring many friends. Celebrity bartending features a local celebrity behind a bar in order to gain money for a charity.