My experience at this bartending school was amazing.  I learned so much in the two weeks I was there and had the best time doing it.  All of the instructors  presented the course with great enthusiasm and took a lot of care making sure everyone in the class was learning the right way and understood the material.

Immediately after class I was given some places to apply at and landed my first job within a couple weeks.  And after bartending less than one year I applied at the ever popular Chickie’s & Pete’s and was hired.

As a mom I love being a bartender.  It affords me so much time with my family while allowing me to earn a good income.  I also love the fact that I get to work and have fun.

From time to time I see John and Denise at my bar.  They are always so proud to see me working, and I’m happy that I chose their school.

Mellissa Gallager
Mellissa GallagerChickie‘s and Pete’s

If you have ever considered a career in bartending or just need a refresher course, then the Bucks County School of Bartending is the place to begin. I completed the course in 32 hours and the classroom time fit my hectic schedule. They offered multiple classes, but limited the number of students for a more personalized experience.

In addition to being trained on the basics of mixing drinks, I also learned the history and origins of alcohol, customer service tips, job searching skills, strategies to start my own business, and the truth about what it takes to become a successful bartender. Each teacher is a professional bartender with real world experience. The answers to my questions and concerns were based from their “on the job” knowledge and experiences, not from a text book. I was given real world advice and a fresh perspective to build a solid foundation on becoming a successful bartender in today’s market.

I will never forget the wonderful teachers, new friendships, or the knowledge I received as a student. After receiving my degree in Mixology, I am confident I will become a successful bartender due to the wonderful teachers at Bucks County School of Bartending. I am having fun earning extra income for my family and doing what I have always wanted to do.

Denise Goodson"Buck Hotel" and "Celebrations"