Bartending Graduates

Our Graduates will come to you fully trained and eager to work, even your slow shifts.  As former bar owners we feel we are teaching from the BEST perspective.  A new bartending graduate is the perfect candidate for you to train how to work effectively your way–not a bartender with bad habits.  Our curriculum covers modern and classic cocktails, craft beer classifications, pouring draft beer/changing kegs, beverage control and many other important elements to working as a bartender. They are knowledgeable with your product and can not only speak intelligently about it but also up sell. In addition, our students often opt for T.I.P.S. and RAMP Certification.  Please give our grads a shot!

Hire A Bartender

Who Has Hired Our Gradutes 

PARX Casino and All of the Area Casinos including AC, Chick and Pete’s, Marathon Grill, Center City Bars and Restaurants, Peddler’s Village Restaurants, Buck Hotel, Steven Star Catering, Villa Vito Restaurant, Johnny Appleseed, Aroma, Big Heads, Curran’s, The Stadiums, Miller’s Ale Houses, Paddy Whack’s, Olive Garden, Joe’s Crab Shack, Red Lobster, Washington Crossing Inn, Trenton Thunder, McFadden’s, Spirit of Philadelphia, Marriot, Holiday Inn, Sheraton, Radisson Hotel, Hilton, Turf Club, Philly Temps, Republican National Convention, PGA Golf Tournaments, Jeffrey Miller Catering, Wineries, and so so many more. Just take a tour – you will see why!